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inTandem Health

Create, develop and design the branding for all marketing and training materials. This is a fast growing startup business that was accepted into the
Cedars-Sinai Accelerator Program providing funding and leadership.

Corporate logo– Visual Identity

The idea for inTandem is to promote partnership through a friendly look and feel with graphics that reinforce the feeling of support and having someone with you

inTandem Color Logo 7.png

Logo adaptation for use in Social Media and other smaller promotional items and adapted illustration style that feels light and positive

inTandem square logo.png
many tandem bikers.jpg


Designed and created website layout

The product is web-based and interactive

intandem on group of computers.jpg

Marketing Collateral

2-sided information sheet side 2_Page_2.jpg
2-sided information sheet side 1_Page_1_Page_1.jpg


A sample of a greeting to clients for the new year

new years bikers with trees.jpg

Promotion and Merchandise

Reinforcing the identity

inTandem business cards.jpg
black polo w logo.jpg
orange tee shirt w logo.jpg

Proposals and Presentations

Many Slides Sample.jpg

Social Media

Posting and managing pages on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Walk in their shoes.jpg
patients want.jpg
to the world-quote.jpg
do better with peer support.jpg
hands shaking.jpg
peers with cell.jpg
Better together.jpg

Corporate Magazine

Corporate magazine prototype 

inTandem News Mag Prototype2.jpg
inTandem cover News Mag Prototype2.jpg

Sample web ads used for hospital clients to promote mentoring

Sample Ads.jpg
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